We are experts at developing one-of-a-kind custom products that convey your unique attraction. Let’s meet. We’ll listen to your needs, get to know your unique differentiation, and create unique cross-merchandising displays to speed product turnover and profits. We keep you stocked with seasonal items in advance of the crowds, and up-to-date with advice and insights on current trends and seasonal prep.

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James MelleySales Manager

As an enthusiastic manager, I supervise a national team of account reps who connect you with new opportunities and consistently deliver high quality, reliability, and expert advice. With 25+ years in national sales and management, I partner with you and capably oversee our team of talented artists, designers, and expert-level sales and craftspeople to help maximize your gift shop’s profitability.

John FoyAccount Executive

With 20+ years in the industry, I bring our company’s foundational values of quality, product mastery, and customer-obsession to the table—helping specialty retailers like you excel past your own expectations! Ready for something new in 2021? How about one-of-a-kind, exclusive products that convey the experience only your destination can provide!

Paty WilliamsNational Account Representative

I service all Canadian Sales and work with all Amusement & Water Parks in US/Canada. Recognized for building strong product development for custom souvenir collections. I keep you up on current trends and strategies and bring 25+ years of experience in apparel, branding, wholesale, and retail to ensure you get the reliability, quality and consistency needed to exceed customer expectations.

Sheila IsaacAccount Executive

I’ve worked in the souvenir market for 20 years, designing licensed items, curating product lines, and staying on top of trends. I am delighted to provide a variety of options for your one-of-a-kind memento product requirements. Impulse Souvenirs not only offers a diverse range of unique items created by a professional art team, but we also lead the industry in terms of product quality and turnaround time. Allow me to demonstrate how Impulse Souvenirs can benefit your company.


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